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Bitcoins shot at $50k revives the $100k dream Scope Markets

Bitcoins shot at $50k revives the $100k dream

A sigh of relief from Holders who were resilient during the months of doom as the crypto market nose-dived, creating panic among investors. The digital currency’s decline took a halt around $30k price level and struggled for about 10 weeks before breaking above $40 which

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Some Reasons Why You Should Start Trading the Financial Markets Scope Markets

Some Reasons Why You Should Start Trading the Financial Markets

Why You Should Start Trading the Financial Markets in 2021? Flexibility   No matter where you are in the world, all you need is a smart phone/computer with internet connection and you can access the financial markets through a trusted broker, also you can choose

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Surge of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria Scope Markets

Surge of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria risks another lockdown

The NCDC (Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control) announced that the country is currently experiencing the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic as numbers of new cases continue to surge in some states. At the moment, the Federal Government has already placed some of these

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Bitcoin Scope Markets

Bitcoin: Rising wedge holds the key to future direction

It’s been topsy turvy for Bitcoin in the last couple of weeks as it seems traders will have to wait for a while before a bullish momentum will grace the market.     After seeing the latter months of the first half of the year

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Naira Devaluation: The impact

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has devalued the Naira against the dollar in a bid to harmonies the multiple exchange rates which was adopted to avoid outright devaluation. The apex bank has replaced the official rate of 380 naira to a dollar with the

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Top 10 websites to learn Forex trading from

There are a number of Forex websites available on the internet. But, only a few of these websites emerge from the masses with very unique content and updated news. While other websites hold great educational worth. Since you would see, one of the forex sites

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How will Forex be different in 2030?

The world of forex has changed fast in the past few years, as the digital trading of currencies and stocks keeps growing very well. In itself, the market’s formation has changed because of growing support in the niche, which is generally featured by the growing

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